Account Executive


My career at Ready10 began following the Taylor Bennett Summer Stars programme in 2018. They arranged a 4-week placement for me at Ready10 and have been a team member ever since. The accounts I have worked on have ranged across the travel, insurance, beauty and food/drink industries which have been thoroughly enjoyed.

Favourite campaign of 2020 and why?

I have a few in recent months that have been in relation to the Black Lives Matter movement. I’d say my favourite has been Nike’s response to George Floyd’s death – “For once, Don’t Do It”.

The use of their famous slogan to align with their stance of the BLM movement and messaging in the video content was powerful. I think the stance they took was bold as one of the most influential sportswear brands. The response it sparked from their competitor, Adidas, was also an iconic moment as it’s the first time consumers have seen the two brands collaborate. “Together is how we move forward, together is how we make change.”

Who is your communicator of the year?

Prince Harry, this year particularly, he’s been very transparent in relation to him and Meghan’s life decisions despite the outrage from the general public.

Person of the year?

Marcus Rashford without a doubt! His active role in helping to feed school children has been admirable.

The last book you enjoyed?

Currently enjoying Mistakes I made at work by Jessica Bacal.

Favourite podcast?

The Receipts Podcast and Toya Talks

Song you can’t resist dancing to?

Any South African house music gets me going! And most Afrobeats songs, current favourite: Olamide – Loading and in light of the #EndSARS movement, I’m re-listening to Burna Boy’s old albums where he highlights the political issues in Nigeria.

What’s the secret to happiness?

Self-belief, perspective and boundaries.