Senior Editorial Manager


A creative writer with a bounty of editorial experience

A creative writer with a bounty of editorial experience, having written content for some of the world’s top tech brands. He has been with Harvard for almost three years and has been heavily involved with the company’s DE&I progress in that time, helping with everything from creating an inclusive working guide that spans all departments to taking part in a number of DE&I events and initiatives.

Favourite campaign of 2021 and why?

Deskless not Voiceless – Workplace (I may be biased as I helped write it) but I liked that it drew attention to significant shifts in working patterns and habits and gave practical advice that could support almost any business.

Who is your communicator of the year?

Marcus Rashford did a better job in a few tweets than most agencies could’ve in a year. When it came to the school meal debacle, he showed that authenticity and empathy wins out over slick comms any day.

Person of the year?

I don’t care if it sounds cheesy, but as it’s my mum’s birthday as I complete this, I can’t think of anyone who deserves it more.

Favourite comfort food?

Nothing more comforting than going home to visit my parents and getting to enjoy some delicious pounded yam and egusi soup.

Film you have watched more times than any other?

The Matrix. I can recite that film verbatim.

Song you can’t resist dancing to?

Elephant man’s Willie Bounce always gets the people going.

Event you are most looking forward to in the next 12 months?

Going on holiday some time in summer and it feeling normal. No tests, no drama, just good vibes.