Bought a ticket to The Pros Winter Series? Great! Here are six things you need to know:

1. You need to login to access live events and pre-recorded content

The recorded content and live events sit behind a paywall. To access it you need to use the email you registered with and the password you will receive on Monday 29 November 2021 (for early bookings) or Tuesday 30 November for later bookings.

The live events are on Zoom and you just need to click the name of the event you want to attend at the scheduled time and it’ll take you straight through to the webinar.

2. All our events will be accompanied by real-time live captioning

So you can hear what the speakers are saying or you can read what the speakers are saying.

3. Your ticket gives you access to every event

Yep – one ticket equals 18 events, 10 pieces of content and nearly 70 speakers.

Yep – we think it’s a great deal too! You don’t have to go to everything and you don’t have to see everything live either. All sessions (excluding the keynotes) will be recorded and uploaded for you to view whenever you wish. Well, by 14 January 2022 to be precise. Why? The website will go down at 17:00 on Friday 14 January 2022.

4. The keynotes with Poorna Bell, Emma Dabiri, Katie Dash, Musa Okwonga, Femi Oluwole, Nishma Robb, Sathnam Sanghera and Lottie Whyte are live and will not be recorded

These sessions are a one-time deal. If you miss them you’ll miss out.

5. Follow @bmeprpros on Twitter for updates

We’ll have a social media pro handling the account and sharing updates including additions to the programme you may have missed.

This should be your first port-of-call for up to date information.

Any urgent queries? Use the chat function on the website and a member of the team will come back to you pronto.

6. Engage using #theproswinterseries

Want to join in the conversation? Or just quietly lurk? Follow #theproswinterseries on Twitter.

Psst! Looking for a ticket?

Ticket sales close on Tuesday 30 November and are unlikely to reopen. We’re a tiny team and our focus from Wednesday 1 December to Friday 17 December will be on creating a great event for attendees and supporting our incredible speakers. We are unlikely to have the capacity to juggle additional bookings after the series begins. Follow @bmeprpros on Twitter for any possible changes.