Communications Manager

Imperial College Academic Health Science Centre

Under her leadership, attendance has grown from a goal of 40 members of staff to a global online audience of over 700 people.

Maxine is the communications manager for Imperial College Academic Health Science Centre (AHSC). Her role involves communicating the health research carried out at Imperial in partnership with three NHS trusts which are then translated to new drugs, treatments and therapies for patients and the public.

She is responsible for managing the Imperial College AHSC seminar series. These public engagement events bring together experts from the College and clinicians from NHS partners’ Trusts to showcase the work of the AHSC. Under her leadership, attendance has grown from a goal of 40 members of staff to a global online audience of over 700 people.

Maxine also leads media relations for AHSC research papers which involves writing press releases, providing media training and creating and implementing media strategies. This has led to widespread coverage in national and international outlets, including the frontpage of The Sun newspaper.

Favourite campaign of 2021 and why?

I absolutely loved Channel 4’s Black to Front campaign in September. It was incredible to tune in to a day of programming featuring Black presenters, actors, writers, contributors and programme makers. Of course, this should not be a one-day thing and it clearly shows that improving Black representation on and behind the camera can be done. However, I won’t forget in a hurry how that day of seeing myself represented on TV made me feel. It was a big moment in TV and what follows next is crucial. I just hope all the contributors stay booked and busy!

Who is your communicator of the year?

Marcus Rashford. His campaign to ensure vulnerable children are provided with meals during lockdown has really raised the issue of child poverty and food insecurity in this country. He leaned into his own experience to communicate brilliantly about the glaring inequalities and the need for policy change which resulted in two government u-turns.

Person of the year?

Marcus Rashford for all the reasons above.

Favourite comfort food?

Chips and a huge dollop of ketchup.

Film you have watched more times than any other?

This is a hard one because rom-coms are my favourite type of films but I do have a tradition that every Christmas I watch ‘The Holiday’. It’s just a cute and charming movie that gets me in the mood for Christmas.

Song you can’t resist dancing to?

Get Me Bodied by Beyonce but most songs by Beyonce will get me dancing.

Event you are most looking forward to in the next 12 months?

I have a family wedding in Pisa next summer and if all is well I am looking forward to travelling and seeing family that I haven’t seen in over two years.