Independent Consultant

SJS Strategies Ltd

Throughout her career Sarah has helped organisations define their corporate narrative’

Sarah Samee has over 20 years’ strategic communications experience, in both public and private sector, in-house and consultancy. Sarah’s PR career began at Barclays, and she has since held senior roles at the Met Police, Home Office, and most recently Head of Communications roles at Cifas, the UK’s Fraud Prevention Service and Lloyd’s Register, a professional services firm focused on maritime and global supply chain industries. Throughout her career Sarah has helped organisations define their corporate narrative, identify their true social purpose, deliver award-winning campaigns and develop meaningful partnerships with government, private and the public sector. Sarah is a Women in PR committee member, mentor, and former Vice President. She is also an Advisory Board Member for Elevate City, a networking group for C-Suite women in Financial Services and Professional Services and a Non-Exec Director for Slenky, a youth opportunities tech platform focused on connecting young people to brands.

Favourite campaign of 2021 and why?

Slightly biased because I know someone who was involved in the campaign, but I really liked Saga’s #ExperienceisEverything campaign, it’s part of their wider rebrand and creates a more positive discussion about age. It’s never easy to change an established brand but it is necessary if they are going to attract the much ‘cooler’ over 50s crowd.

Who is your communicator of the year?

Jo-ann Robertson, CEO of Ketchum. She is proud of her working-class roots and when it comes to diversity, equity and inclusion I don’t think there are any other large agency leaders who have been as vocal or as committed as her. There continues to be too much lip service and not enough action and Jo-ann has publicly laid her stall out – will be interesting to see how Ketchum’s leadership team changes in the future.

Favourite comfort food?

Terry’s Chocolate Orange, it’s not Terry’s it’s mine!

Person of the year?

Steven Bartlett, I love his honesty and I am slightly obsessed with his Diary of a CEO podcast. He’s also the first person I have ever heard admit that extreme drive and success often comes from insecurity.

Film you have watched more times than any other?

In recent years it’s ‘This is the End’, it still makes me laugh out loud.

Song you can’t resist dancing to?

‘I Wanna Dance with Somebody’. Before grunge, rock and hip hop defined my formative years it was all about Whitney.

Event you are most looking forward to in the next 12 months?

My last two birthdays have been in lockdown – next year I want cocktails, shots, all the food and late-night dancing. Don’t let me down universe!