Freelance Graphic Designer

Imagine a world where I could use design to make our future good.

After studying design in Italy, (I could have just said after studying at uni, but how would you know I used to live in Italy) this is a thought I ask myself in every role and project I start. Working as an International Designer for Just Eat and exploring different cultures and how best to communicate through design. Or trying to shape future generations through design while working as a creative designer at Nation Citizen Service (NCS). Then taking on the role of senior designer at STA Travel where my love for all things brand really took over and how to engage people in world issues that affect us across the globe.

I aim to combine world issues and stories with design that excites and captures people’s needs and emotion. Basically, I’m out here trying to be the Childish Gambino of graphic design.

Favourite campaign of 2020 and why?

Sainsbury’s 2020 Christmas advert. First of all any video that has a homemade VHS feel instantly has my heart. When I first saw that video I was warmed with the feeling of Christmas. But strangely this is my favourite campaign due the response. After a summer of BLM (Black Lives Matter) voices being heard, I was shocked by the beyond outdated and backwards comments. But this ad shows that we have a long way to go and we can’t stop talking about BLM just because it’s not all over our social platforms or news pages.

Who is your communicator of the year?

Blacks Who Design

A website that showcases available black talent from all creative fields across the world, linking them with new and exciting design projects.

Person of the year?

Lockdown kept me indoors a lot this year, so I didn’t really meet a lot of people. Even though he hasn’t answered any of my zoom calls, I have to say Marcus Rashford. For someone so young to make an impact on people’s’ lives and make such positive changes that affect people past his own race is pretty incredible

Favourite podcast?

The Nod

The last book you enjoyed?

Shoe Dog by Phil Knight…. Yes I know I wear Yeezy’s, but Nike had to walk so Kanye could… well I guess so Kanye could do whatever he does.This is such a great book to see the real struggles of a company that seems like a part of our life, and so interesting to see the journey of Nike mirroring the struggles and joys that most people face today starting their own project.

Song you can’t resist dancing to?

I’m not wearing my glasses, did you say songs as in plural, cause picking one song that gets these toes tapping is impossible. But the songs that always get my neighbours below banging on the ceiling on with a broom are:
Icy by Pink Sweat$
3 nights by Dominic Like
Summer nights by Asanté
Moi, je prouve by Tayc and Barack Adama

What’s the secret to happiness?

When someone asks you to pick one song, don’t limit yourself, play all the songs of your heart.

I’m personally a believer of looking at life in moments. When things are going good, I’m aware this is a moment and I treasure it. When things are going bad, again this is only a moment of my life. When I have dreams or goals I look at where I am in life, what do I need to do in this moment to work up to the next moment to help me achieve my goals.